With us, you'll be wound right

Whether round or flat wires, insulated wires or waveguide wires - for every application, OS Wire has a solution.

OS Wire round wires begin with a diameter of 2 mm; flat wires with fiberglass and film winding can be supplied in widths up to 16 mm.

Compliance with current standards is important, especially when building transformers and chokes - our solid copper or aluminum wires consistently serve the needs of our numerous renowned customers.

Wires with Kapton® or Nomex® insulation are especially preferred in electrical engineering due to their heat resistance, minimum outgassing, and good insulating properties.
Inductors and transformers with isolated winding wires from OS WIRE are therefore always the first choice.

For water systems and the growing solar and wind power fields, we offer waveguide wires and aluminum-copper conductors that are especially light and therefore help to optimize the size of the individual components.

We combine 36 years of experience with the advantages of a flexible company that can quickly respond to customer-specific special solutions - talk to us!



Bare wires
Round wires from 3 to 10 mm ∅  
Flat wires
Widths of 2 to 16 mm
Thicknesses of 1.5 to 8 mm

Flat wires
Insulated winding wires with fiberglass and film winding
Copper strands - aluminum NEW! Aluminum copper conductors
Round wires from 2 mm ∅
Flat wires up to 16 mm width
Insulated flat wires are pulled from blank E-copper, annealed, and coated with spun fiberglass, which is saturated in epoxy resin. Insulated wire

for waveguide wires - water systems -
New energies